We are a patient-led project and as such are not trained doctors or medical professionals so we cannot give you treatment advice. What we can do is point you in the direction of the current treatment guidelines for the management of PMDD that have been published by national or international governing bodies. 

The key word here is 'management'. Sadly there is no 'cure' for PMDD but many people are able to manage their symptoms well with a range of treatment methods and lifestyle changes. Often it is by using a combination of approaches/treatments simultaneously which produces the best results.

No two people suffer the same, and your treatment pathway is yours to choose. The best thing you can do is read, research and know these treatment guidelines inside and out. Print a copy off for your doctor, gynecologist, psychiatrist, and anyone else on your health care team. That's right, your health care professionals should be working together as a team, using interdisciplinary collaboration and communication the whole way. Best practice is not always reality, so lead the team by requesting copies of all reports and communication to be sent to each of your health care providers. 

Some of our team members have been through the complete range of treatments on offer and were unable to live with their severe PMDD symptoms, opting as a last resort after years of suffering, for surgical management by total hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (removal of both ovaries) and hormone replacement therapy. We hope for future generations that more funding and resources are directed towards PMDD research, to develop more effective treatments, that do NOT require surgical intervention or the need for people to choose between their mental health and their ability to carry their own children.

We are encouraged by the recent clinical trials happening for Sepranalone, a new PMDD-specific treatment by Asarina Pharma and hope this will mean better outcomes for PMDD sufferers in the future.

national/international treatment guidelines