PMDD can be scary and it can be really lonely. Vicious Cycle does not provide a support service, but we all agree that peer support is something we have found invaluable. Having people who understand what you are experiencing, without having to explain, is priceless. Professional counselling can also help if you can find a good one in your area.


IAPMD offer free, confidential one-to-one peer support which we would highly recommend. Run by trained volunteers, who have/or have had PMDD, they can help you find answers to questions, sit with you when times get dark and understand what you are going through. Connect with them here.


These can be a great (and free!) way to connect with others. It's worth joining a few to see which ones suit you and you feel comfortable in. Most of the groups are 'closed’, meaning your conversations won't be seen by your other Facebook friends. Below are some links to a small selection of the groups that are available on Facebook. To find more, type 'PMDD support' in the Facebook search bar.

IAPMD - PMDD & PME Support - Open to all

UK PMDD Support - UK based sufferers only

PMDD Ireland -Ireland based sufferers only

Parents of PMDD - For parents of sufferers to learn and gain support

Teen PMDD Support - For teen/young sufferers only

PMDD Moms - For mothers with PMDD

PMDD, Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, and life after -For those at the surgery end of treatment

Positive living with PMDD - A group for those with a positive outlook

Malaysia PMDD Support - A group for patients in Malaysia

PMDD + Non Binary/Transgender Private Group (International) -For Non-binary & Trans sufferers


If your life is in danger, or you are at risk of harming yourself or others, please call the appropriate emergency service number in your country. You can find details of numbers below:

We believe that ALL emergency services, ALL mental health services, including ALL crisis hotlines and suicide prevention services, should receive comprehensive training in mental health - including Premenstrual Disorders.. We have had feedback from peers who have been frustrated by the lack of understanding during a crisis and the escalation of their state, at the need to explain what PMDD is, to emergency and crisis workers. Unfortunately this can be a deterrent to seeking help.

If you are an organisation who would benefit from a better understanding of PMDD, please contact us. We would happy to do a 'PMDD Awareness Audit' of your service or site and provide some suggestions for making it more PMDD-friendly.

Not on social media?

Head over to INSPIRE - a non social media community for those with PMDD. Started recently - it should soon grow!


Use the hashtags #pmddpeeps #pmddwarrior #1in20PMD and #pmdd to find others out there on social media.