PMDD to be taught in UK schools as part of menstrual wellbeing education


We are delighted to share that as part of the Endometriosis campaign, PMDD will be part of the menstrual wellbeing education that will be taught in schools in the UK. This will teach young people what is in the realm of “normal” when it comes to reproductive health so they know when to look for help (and when to push if no-body listens. Vicious Cycle would like to extend our huge gratitude to Endometriosis UK for being so welcoming and allowing us to work alongside them for this outcome.

“Endometriosis UK has today welcomed government plans for every child in England to be taught about menstrual wellbeing.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds will today set out plans to make relationships education in all primary schools and relationships and sex education (RSE) in all secondary school compulsory.

Guidance for the new subject of health education confirms that all pupils – regardless of their gender – will be taught the facts about menstrual wellbeing.

Commenting on the announcement, Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK said: “Endometriosis UK is delighted that menstrual wellbeing is included in the new Relationship & Sex Education curriculum and will be compulsory to teach all children in both primary and secondary education. This change will help overcome the taboo and embarrassment around periods, as well as equipping girls with the knowledge of what is and isn’t normal for their menstrual cycle, and in turn the confidence to seek help when it is needed. Importantly, they will also know the correct language to communicate with their parents or medical practitioners.

We are grateful to the Minister for recognising the critical role education plays in ensuring women do not suffer in silence with conditions such as endometriosis; helping drive down diagnosis time which currently averages at an alarming 7.5 years”

Source: Endometriosis UK